Paper Doll Designer

I’m working on a¬†new digital fabrication app called Paper Doll Designer, now with a tool for programming designs (beyond changing parameters as in the Spiro app). It uses Blockly for the programming blocks and Paper.js for the graphics.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 1.33.40 PM

You can print the outfits out, and I’m working on adding registration marks to the exported images so you can also cut them out using a Silhouette cutter.

From the process side, I’m really really excited about moving to web apps, because needing to install the Spiro app seemed to be a bit of a barrier for folks, and there were a lot of requests for a version that works on tablets (this one does, to my surprise without me having to do anything extra!) I’m still learning HTML/CSS/Javascript and it’s amazing how everything I know about how to write cleanly structured¬†code goes right out the window when I’m working in a new environment and language, but it will get better!

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