I have worked on several e-textiles projects with my father Adrian Freed, beginning in 2008. This was a true apprenticeship in that I only had a vague grasp on what I was building electronics-wise and learned through slowly getting familiar with the materials in the process of constructing artifacts to his specifications. I did this for at least three summers, going back to school and getting more theory in between, but every time I came back the topics had advanced accordingly.

The following were designed by Adrian, constructed by me or both of us:

Bobbin, 2008

Fabric Multitouch, 2009

Side note: Lining that stitch up took absolutely forever, and possibly taught me most of what I know about how to use a sewing machine.

Later (link), I started trying to understand how this one worked.

I also made him an e-textiles birthday present (perhaps turning out to be my interview for this apprenticeship?)

The sock is made of stretchy conductive fabric. When you place it over the sockless foot it closes a circuit located inside the guitar and the little character starts jamming to “Born to be Wild” (salvaged from a musical greeting card [and by salvaged I mean ruthlessly disassembled]).