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  • Paper Circuits Intro Template + Tunnel Books

    I designed a new paper circuit template for a workshop at Austin Book Arts Center last weekend, and was really happy with how it worked out as an intro skill-building activity. I think it’s the most successful I’ve been so far at bringing a group of electronics beginners to a point where they felt comfortable…

  • Design With Code: Paste Paper


  • Radial Shape Wrapper Function for P5.js

    The radial wrapper function helps you make a radial version of any shape drawn in P5.js.   View the code on Gist.

  • Scaling shapes in P5.js Without Shifting (Wrapper Function)

    Using the scale() function in Processing and P5.js can be tricky because it scales the canvas itself, causing your shapes to move rather than scale from a fixed point. Here’s a wrapper function for P5.js that helps you scale shapes without all that shifting around. View the code on Gist.

  • Flip-Open Book Tutorial

    I don’t know where this book structure comes from or who invented it; let me know if you do! I learned it many years ago by reverse-engineering a greeting card. It flips open in a very satisfying way. Here’s how to make it. Materials: You can make these as long as you want, and you…

  • Table at Last! (Last Day of Crucible Woodworking)

    Done at last! 2 minutes into cleanup time on the very last day. This is meant as a little art table for my sister, who likes to work sitting on the floor sometimes (me too!) Last step is to find out what sort of finish she wants. It was fun taking it home on BART, got lots of…