Woodworking at the Crucible

I’m taking a Woodworking I class at The Crucible! Here are some photos from day 1 and 2.

We are each going to build a little square side table like this:

side tableThe first thing we did was make a “story stick” as a reference for all the measurements in the table.

story stick and measuring toolsThen we cut some wood to roughly the dimensions of the table legs and aprons (the side pieces) using a circular saw and a miter saw.

circular saw

20160712_213929One of the resulting apron pieces (which will later be cut in half for two aprons):

hand planeNext we used the jointer to flatten one face and one edge and make them perpendicular to each other:

jointer 2And then the planer to get two parallel, smooth faces. Forgot to take a picture of this machine!

Next, we used the table saw with the most square edge against the fence to cut the exact width of each apron (also forgot to take a photo).

apronThe instructor had some demo pieces showing how we are going to connect the legs and aprons, with a mortise and tenon. There’s an easier but less sturdy way:

mortise and tenon And a more complicated cut with a “haunch” that will supposedly stabilize things.

haunched mortise and tenon Everyone’s been very friendly and I am beyond thrilled to be learning this stuff, but it’s also a bit overwhelming. The class is going fast!

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  1. Hey, You have mentioned that you are a trainer at The Crucible. I’m very glad to know. I had viewed the Crucible. I want to build my own little house. Could I trained at The Crucible?

  2. The table looks funny but so creative too, I love thecrucible.org a lot.

  3. Thecrucible is great. When I joined there, I felt like I was back in my high-school shop class. It was a lot of fun. They have all the gears and expertise to bend your brain in a different way than the daily routine.

  4. I’m not a woodworker but loves DIY works. I Wanna make like this workbench. Thanks

  5. It’s wonderful! Articles, Amazing!

  6. Thanks for sharing this post! I’ve just recently started getting into woodworking and this will really help me to figure out this. I was surprised at how easily you make this workbench with the crucible saw. Have a nice day.

  7. Great tutorial…! You have shared an informative information about woodworking at Crucible. This is a very good project to learning crucible woodwork. I need some classes to learn about crucible woodworking. You have made a wonderful workbench for this crucible. You have made easily and looks awesome. I am full of inspired now to learn this job anyway. Thanks for sharing your post.

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